The Sensible Drinks Company brings you…SOBRIETY®

A unique flavoured variety of drinks, each one inspired by a particular alcoholic drink but containing no alcohol whatsoever.

Sensibly coloured and flavoured each drink contains less than 1 calorie and absolutely no fat with the extra advantage of NO ADDED SUGAR. Beautifully presented in an environmentally friendly glass bottle this drink can provide the pleasure…..without the pain.

Each flavour will have its own unique stamp and will be the exact same flavour as your own favourite tipple.



Juniper & Tonic

This is not Gin & Tonic…but it is pretty damn close ! It is a naturally flavoured sparkling water oozing the class of G&T but quite simply…water. Served over ice with lime or lemon…less than 1 calorie and you can even drive home !

Sparkling Rosé

Recreating that beautiful flavour of sparkling pink wine.

Ideal for those special occasions without that morning after effect…drink till your hearts content.. because this is what it isn’t…its water. less than 1 calorie and you can still drive home.


The finest Pomegranate extracts with the addition of expensive Italian bubbles give you our Pomegranate Fizz. Creating a party atmosphere for those that don’t

Quaff it down a plenty……….its alcohol free !!

New Flavours

We are delighted to be adding new flavours to be launched this year.

Watermelon Fizz:

A mixture of Watermelon and Prosecco that will create an alcoholic feel unlike no other…..very subtle in flavour gently nurturing your taste buds…….try it !

Elderflower Fizz:

Imagine the finest Italian bubbles mixed with Elderflower juices……very beautiful !……or as they say in Italy…Bellissimo ! Exquisite to the palate…….and you can drive home safely !!


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